Before you start

You need to have some things before you start:

  • domain name
  • good hosting


Go to cPanel and search for something like that:

Now enter a name for your new database and click Create Database.

Next thing is to create a database user:

The last thing to have a working usable database is to assign your new user to a new database.

Now you will be asked for privileges for this user – assign all of them and click Make Changes.

Upload files

Go to this page and save a ZIP file.

Now open FTP client, ex. Filezilla and open server.  After that, you need to enter a path to website’s root directory, usually /public_html/. Now unzip all files from downloaded ZIP files to this directory.

Real installation

Let’s begin: enter your website URL, ex.

You should see this screen, where you should choose a language.

After that, you will see a screen with essential info. Click Let’s go when you are ready.

Next screen – enter here your database name, username, password, and hostname ( usually localhost ). You don’t need to change the table prefix.

If everything is correct you will see this screen. Click Run the installation when you are ready.

Next step is to set necessary fields: site title, username, and password for administrator, administrator’s email and decide if you want to enable search engine visibility. Click Run WordPress to finish the installation.

That’s it – installation complete. You will see now screen with Log in button. Click on it.

Then you will see login form. Enter here your username and password – then you will be redirected to WordPress dashboard.

Gratulations 🙂 You have a new working WordPress installation.  Now you need to find some nice theme and plugins that are necessary for You, ex. contact form, posts slider or shop plugin.

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